Easy Homebrew Hard Apple Cider

Easy Homebrew Hard Apple Cider

Homebrewed hard apple cider is one of the easiest beverages for the beginning homebrewer! When you drink that first bottle of your very own home brew, you get such a sense of accomplishment knowing that you made it yourself and the best part is it’s cheaper than buying it at the store. All you need to get started is an Airlock, a stopper, a gallon of apple juice, and some yeast.

Good as Gold Cider

Homebrew Hard Apple Cider Instructions:

Pitching the Yeast

  • Sanitize all the equipment (anything that will come into contact with the juice). Follow directions for the specific sanitizer on the back of the bottle.
  • Pour out 1 cup of apple juice into a jar to use a back sweetener later, and store it in the fridge with the lid.
  • Add yeast of your choice straight into the bottle of apple
  • Put the cap back on the bottle of juice and shake it like a mad man for about 10 seconds.
  • Add your airlock, fill it with filtered water to the fill line and you’re done for two


Detailed Equipment List:

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