Zero Waste Challenge

Zero Waste Challenge

The Zero Waste Challenge is a great way to start your journey towards a zero waste lifestyle. The challenge is to replace one single-use item with a reusable one once a month. This slow start helps you to not get overwhelmed by the process. At first, it may be difficult but with time it gets easier, my wife and I like to make a game out of it. We try to see who can come up with best reusable replacement even if that means making some of our household products ourselves like toothpaste or shampoo.

Living a zero waste lifestyle help keep our environment clean and reduces the amount of crap we put into landfills. One simple solution to reduce organic waste is to compost it! Just throw any organic material in a pile, wait and after some time it will turn into compost and be ready for the garden.

Here are some examples we have implemented in our home:

Single Use Items                             Reusable Replacements

Napkins                                                                   Bandanas
Plastic Tupperware                                Glass Tupperware
Paper Towels                                         Cut up Old T-shirts
Post-it Notes                                                             E-Writer
Paper Files                  Digital Files (Backup in the Cloud)
Plastic Grocery Bags                    Reusable Shopping bags
Plastic Produce Bags                                          Muslin Bags
Plastic Nasal Rinse Bottel                       Porcelain Neti Pot

Zero Waste Challenge


The Zero Waste Challenge was inspired by this article:

Making the Switch to a Zero Waste Lifestyle

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