Long term fuel storage is an important part of any preparedness plan. Are you ready? What if a situation occurred that reduced or eliminated the gas supply? Even if there is no such situation you will be better off haveing some extra fuel on hand.


Start by buying one five gallon gas can, fill it up, and then add some fuel stabilizer. Make sure to write the month on the gas can. Do this each month for one year and you will have sixty gallons of gasoline stored.

Now that you have your sixty gallons of fuel stored the trick is to use one of the five gallon gas cans each month and then refilling it so all of your gas will never be more than one year old.


As you can see from the images above this doesn’t take up very much room and could really help you in a pickle or just make you a hero if someone runs out of gas in their vehicle. I know burning fossil fuels is not the best for the environment but there is still a need for it in certain situations. I would also recommend storing some propane, even if you just use it for the BBQ it’s always a good idea to have some extra just in case you run out during the big cook out!


Gas Cans
I use this style gas can because they are only about $12 at Walmart. The like above is of a similar style can but it features a valve that I think would help when filling but I have not used it so I am just speculating. If you have any diesel vehicle make sure you store some diesel too and when you do use the Yellow cans so you don’t use the wrong fuel.

Fuel Stabilizer
This is the brand I use and it seems to do the trick!

Bulb style fuel pump
I use this style fuel transfer pump to get the gas from the can to whatever I’m filling up. All you have to do is set you can higher than what you filling, get the gas flowing then you can go about your business and when you come back a few minutes your can empty!

I wish I could take credit for this idea but I can’t because I heard it on The Survival Podcast

Some uses for your backup gas supply include:

Backup Generator


Starting a fire in damp conditions : )

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