Permaculture Design Course at East End Eden

Permaculture Design Course at East End Eden
Earlier this year I decided I was fully committed to living a Permaculture lifestyle. It was obvious that I had to take a PDC  also known as a Permaculture Design Course so I could learn everything as much as I could and get some hands on experiences! So I did some research and visited a few places that offered the course. When I went to visit Connor Jones at East End Eden I felt an instant connection. Conner took me on a tour of his Property and showed me all the amazing things he was doing. It was at that point that I knew I wanted to take my Permaculture Design Course at East End Eden.
Check out to when the next permaculture course will be at East End Eden. I would highly recommend it as Conner is an amazing instructor. Also feel free to check out this article written during the course.

On Monday, November 3rd 2014 I woke up early and made the drive out to Ojai for the culmination of my two week adventure. I arrived and was met with open arms, everyone was so nice and excited to start learning. Everyday breakfast was provided promptly at 8:30am. We got farm fresh eggs and we even got to experience the ecstasy of bacon that was made from a pig that was raised on site and finished on olives and coconuts “It was the best pork I have ever tasted”.
Class started at 9am. A copy of The Permaculture Designers Manual was provide for each student as part of the tuition. Conner is an excellent teacher, he has a laid back teaching style but he knows his stuff. I learned just as much in the class room as I did at meals and around the nightly camp fire from Conner and the other students.

As part of our hands-on experiences we got to:

build one layer rock dams,
flood a terrace and watch to see if the water evenly dispersed across it,
Cast cover crop seed and lay down hay as a mulch,
and build a hugelkultur mound It was a lot of fun. 
We also harvested a chicken or two to make soup for dinner, it was so amazing to feel that connection with the food we were eating.
The rocket shower was awesome! It is an outdoor shower, the water is heated by a fire or Rocket Stove and the water leads into a  gray water system. I enjoyed many hot showers under the stars and felt a deep connection with nature during my stay.

I thought I knew a lot about Permaculture, but after this course, I realized that no one could know everything there is to know about this sort of thing and life is just one big learning experience. We also got to create a design for a property we visited one of our “field trips”.



Check out some other pictures from the course at East End Eden:

Have you taken or wanted to take a PDC?

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