Free Permaculture Course!

Free Permaculture Course!

This is a Free Permaculture Course. There are no admission requirements or prerequisites needed to take this course. While none of the discussions, activities, assignments, or quizzes are required, if you choose to complete all of the discussions, assignments, and quizzes you can earn your “Intro to Permaculture” digital badge from Oregon State University. You can display your digital badge on social media platforms!

The online course has past but you can still take advantage of the free videos below. I watched them as a refresher to my PDC that I took in the Fall of 2014 and it reminded me of all the wonderful ways permaculture can help us save this planet. If we all just lived my the three ethics we would not need laws or government.

In this free, online course, you’ll learn about the process, ethics, and principles of permaculture while diving into climate-specific design elements through interactive technology, videos, graphics, and readings. Permaculture design is a method of landscape planning that can be applied to anything, from a home garden or farm to a city block or entire village. Permaculture uses design principles from nature itself and takes into account such things as how indigenous people used the land. This course is designed to benefit everyone regardless of learning style, time commitments, or available technology. Expect to spend between two to four hours each week on coursework.

Define what the permaculture design system is, as well as its ethics and principles.
Organize the order of the permaculture design process.
Diagram elements of watershed, sector, and zone maps.
Identify design elements appropriate for each climate.

Andrew Millison is the instructor for this course. To learn more about Andrew’s background and work, view his Canvas Network Profile and visit the Instructor Information page.


Free Permaculture Course Videos

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