Permaculture Chickens

Permaculture Chickens

“Permaculture Chickens is everything you ever wanted to know about raising chickens with a permaculture twist!”

Josh Noland

Permaculture Chickens is educational, entertaining, and shares some brilliant ideas on how to integrate Permaculture into all aspects of keeping chickens, whether it be a small backyard flock or a commercial egg operation. The movie is broken down into chapters so you can go back later if you miss something; that’s important when you have a two and a half hour film jam-packed with useful information. The host/ creator of the movie Justin Rhodes took the time to make this Picture right, It’s truly a work of art with stunning imagery and priceless knowledge.

I’ve kept chickens for a few years now, and I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about chickens until I watched Permaculture Chickens. I learned so much, Justin has tons of innovative ideas that I would have never thought of. I have started to implement some of Justin’s techniques with my chickens, and I’m seeing a noticeable decrease in the amount of commercial feed they need.

The film features some very well know Permaculturalists like Joel Salatin, Lisa Steele, Jim Adkins, and Pat Forman. Even if you are not familiar with permaculture Justin breaks it down for you on screen, as he says in the film “It’s all about minimizing inputs and maximizing yields”.

Chapter 5 alone is worth the cost, it is all about alternative feeds and explains how you can save up to 100% of your feeds costs if you live in optimal conditions of course. Even if you live in the middle of Downtown, you could still save money on your feed costs. Alternative feeds are so great especially since most commercial feeds are made with GMO corn and soy; I don’t think that’s what chickens ate in the wild. This kind of knowledge is worth so much if you consider how much chickens do for us.

Permaculture Chickens left me feeling inspired and motivated to improve upon the way I care for my girls. If you’ve never kept chicken and are considering keeping a small flock I would totally recommend you watch this feature to get an idea of what it’s like. You will be more ten times more knowlagable than your average backyard chicken keeper. The movie was released in December 2015 and will be rereleased sometime in January so make sure to sign up for the free video series below so you can stay updated on when the movie will be rereleased.

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Justin’s mobile coop the “Chickshaw”. What a great idea, he came up with this after being inspired by the Rickshaw a lightweight two-wheeled hooded vehicle drawn by one or more people, used chiefly in Asian countries.



Some Black Australorps chowing down on some tasty butternut squash.



Lisa Steele from


Permaculture Chickens is everything you ever wanted to know about raising chickens with a permaculture twist!

Justin and his loving family.

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