Plastic Bag Alternatives

Plastic Bag Alternatives

My wife and I were recently in Guadalajara, Mexico on vacation and I noticed that they use a mind-blowing amount of plastic bags there. The street vendors use them to cover plates so they don’t have to wash them, if you buy anything it will come in one, and they even serve drinks in them.

 This really worried me because if they are doing this there then people are probably using similar practices all over the world. That really made me think about how much waste all those plastic bags create and the negative impacts on our environment. So I pondered on this for a while and had a few ideas for Plastic Bag Alternatives.

Plastic Bag Alternatives

What if we use kombucha fabric to make bags? Kombucha fabric is made by drying the kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast). The big drawback is that it’s not waterproof or even water resistant so until we find a way to make it waterproof without chemicals that won’t work for this application. Also, I’m not sure how strong the fabric is so it might not be that reusable and if it’s not reusable then we are wasting valuable resources to make more of it.

kombucha fabric

The kombucha fabric drying process

I wanted to find something that’s environmentally friendly, strong, and waterproof. I had a lot of hope for Nylon shopping bags because they are strong, can be stored in a small pouch, and they are waterproof! Unfortunately, they are not a good solution because nylon is a synthetic form of plastic which comes from cole a nonrenewable resource. Watch this video to learn more about how nylon is made. Learning this made me really sad because I really liked using the nylon bags but the search continues.

Reusable shopping bags are also made of calico, cotton, recycled PET (Plastic), hemp, and jute.

I will continue my research but hemp seems to be a great choice as it is made from a plant that grows like a weed, supposedly uses thirty percent less water than cotton, and comes in a variety of styles.

Image result for hemp shopping bags

You could also use:

A Backpack
Animal Skins
Metal containers
Your Hands
Glass Containers
Your Tshirt

Do you have any suggestions for Plastic Bag Alternatives? Leave a comment below.

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