Boogie Board E-Writer

Boogie Board E-Writer

When I take notes I prefer to use my Boogie Board E-Writer, I keep it right on the refrigerator and can write down what I want to make for dinner or what I need to add to my grocery list. It really bothers me when I waste paper so I do my best to avoid it!  When I used to use a notepad to take notes I would always add the information to my phone or computer and then end up throwing the paper note away, I mean I could compost it but it probably has nasty chemicals that I don’t want in my compost so I’d rather just use my Boogie Board E-Writer.

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The Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter works really well for me, I can “Jot” down quick notes when I’m on the phone or leave a note for my wife to feed the dogs.

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You can even use the stylus as a kickstand to display your message. The only issue I had is that one of the magnets on the back came off but all I had to do was add a drop of crazy glue and now it’s good to go!

Boogie Board E-Writer

My Wife and also like to draw silly picture on it for each other and with one click of the button we have a blank canvas to start over.

Boogie Board E-Writer

There is a place to store the stylus but I took a piece of paracord and looped it through the end of the stylus and hung it off a magnet so it’s easy to access with one hand to make a quick note.

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